Made To Order

You can place your customized order directly on our website. Please see our size and length guides for selecting your fit and custom lengths.

For choosing your design details such as buttons, lining, etc., you can choose from pre-selected design combinations, or you can customize each detail to make it your own.

After completing your purchase, we will be in touch with next steps, including confirming the fit with try-on samples!

Please see our How It Works page for more information, and feel free to Book a Consultation with one of our stylists for 1:1 assistance.

We understand that it's not everyday you can order a customized blazer made just for you, and it's normal to have questions. So, we've got you!

Made-to-Order items are made just for you, and will arrive within 6-8 weeks after confirming your size and fit details. For example, if we send you try-on samples to confirm that you've chosen the correct size and lengths, we will wait to proceed with production until you've confirmed these details.

During late summer/ early fall, lead times may be up to 8-12 weeks because our European partners take their summer holidays.

We will communicate via email with your order confirmation and shipping notifications.

Please email us with specific questions about turnaround times.

Ready To Wear

Ready-to-Wear is a fashion industry term that means it has already been made and is ready to buy, (not made-to-order.) It has been produced ahead of time and is stocked with various sizes, available immediately (until the inventory runs out.)

All Midnight Oil blouses are Ready to Wear and are available for shipping right away, depending inventory.

Ready to wear items such as our silk blouses have a standard ordering process. You may place your order through our website, and we will communicate via email with your order confirmation and shipping notification.

Ready-to-Wear items that are in stock will arrive within 7-10 days.

**To our VIP early adopter clients: Please note that orders taken for the private soft launch of our first collection in summer 2021 are a pre-order, and therefore will take 6-8 weeks.**


Please visit the product page for the garment you are interested in purchasing. For example, when shopping any blazer, you will be able to view all the options for personalizing the fit and design. Also, for further support, see our "How it Works" page, or we invite you to set up a phone or video call with a stylist who can review the options that suit you best.

Jackets: We recommend trying on any jacket in your wardrobe (however a blazer will be most helpful) and looking at where the jacket hem falls on your body. Using a tape measure, measure from the neck down to the hem along the center back seam. This measurement is the jacket length. Next, decide if that is the length that you would like, or if you would prefer it shorter or longer. We will send you a measurement guide by email upon request (until we have it up on our website, in the near future). We have several options for jacket length!

Ankle Pants: Please try on a pair of pants that are slim at the lower leg. Try them on with a variety of shoes you might like, such as heels, booties, flats and/ or sneakers. Measure the pants along the inseam from the intersection of the seams at the top of the inner thigh, down to the hem. Adjust this measurement to your desired length. We are offering 6 different options for length, and we will email you a guide to see all of our length options. We also invite you to schedule a phone or video call with a stylist to help.

Trousers: Please try on a pair of trousers, as well as your desired shoes for the heel height that you prefer. Measure the trousers along the inseam from the intersection of the seams at the top of the inner thigh, down to the hem. Adjust this measurement to your desired length. We are offering 6 different options for length, including unhemmed, in case you choose to have them hemmed at a tailor to get it exactly where you’d like. We will email you a guide to see all of our length options.


Yes! We would love to help you with your decision. To save you time, we've pre-selected 3 options for design details that we recommend for each fabric, depending the look you're going for. Please see the options "Classic," "MO Favorite," or "Stepping Out" to see our recommendations.

Also please feel free to Book a Consultation with a stylist, and together we will review the options and help you confirm your choices.

We are happy to share some styling tips about choosing your lengths!

Trouser: We always recommend to wear your trousers as long as you can. It's best to select your preferred heel height and plan your trouser length for that height. The most flattering trouser length is when the hem hits the top of your foot and covers about half your heel- long enough to extend the length of your legs but not so long that they'll get dirty on the ground (or cause a hazard when walking!)

Ankle Pant: We have designed our ankle pant to be long enough to gently graze over a short bootie, because it's never flattering to have a break in the line between the two. We love the versatility that the ankle pant provides, of switching between heels and flats.

Blazer: For the right jacket body length, it is not just a matter of height and proportion, but also a style preference! A long jacket can act as a duster and provide an elongated line. A short jacket will give a totally different look, and will pair greatly with dresses (coming soon!), or with pants as well. One consideration is whether you prefer to de-emphasize any part of your figure, such as the hips, in which case you could go for a longer line jacket. Another consideration is how you will style it. With a half-tucked blouse underneath, perhaps you want the jacket just a little longer than the hem of the blouse.

Sleeve: For blazers we recommend choosing a sleeve length that reaches your wrist. A bracelet length may be perfect for a woman with short arms-- you know who you are if you're always having your sleeves tailored. And for an average or tall gal, the bracelet length can be chic for showing off your wrist jewelry. Just keep in mind how you'll style it, because a blouse or sweater layered underneath will be longer on your arm than the sleeve of the jacket.

Styling tips are one of our sweet spots!  Imagine that the solid outfit is the blank canvas.  It’s the accessories that are the paint!  Try any of the following accessory ideas with a full solid look:

- Animal print such as snake or leopard

- Metallic pewter, silver, gold or rose gold

- Another neutral for shoes and belt, for example cognac brown leather looks very sophisticated with all navy

- Color!  Add a power move with red or burgundy.

- Pattern: a printed scarf accessory or printed shoe can totally change the look.  Add a belt that pulls out one of the colors in the print. Remember: the accessories don’t have to “match” the clothes; instead choose pieces that match each other.

Fabric Content and Care


Yes, absolutely! We’ve heard that several times, and we would like to change your impression of wool! Certainly, heavy wools and wool flannels are options for cold weather, and decades back they were not always the most comfortable. However, Midnight Oil uses wools which are soft and comfortable, never scratchy. Many of our wools are a year-round weight, smooth, refined and which have an elegant drape. Several of our wools also have some stretch for comfort, wrinkle-resistance and structure to hold a flattering shape. We also offer some seasonal wools such as a soft, cozy wool flannel or a warm weather wool and linen blend.

Wool is a thermo-regulating natural fiber, and we are big fans of this luxury fabric.

Our wools come directly from historic mills in Italy, which have been suppliers to the menswear suiting industry for centuries. Good quality mens' suiting is most often crafted from wool. In womenswear most suiting is made from synthetic fabric, such as polyester. At Midnight Oil we prefer to minimize our use of synthetics and we prioritize natural fibers.

It is recommended to simply hang your suiting with plenty of space for the natural fibers to air out and breathe. Be sure they are not stored in plastic garment bags for extended periods of time.

For cleaning we recommend dry clean only, however, it is best to dry clean only once or twice per year. In between, you can touch up the garments with a steamer, which will work wonders. If you soil your garments with dirt or spills, it is recommended to have them dry cleaned as soon as possible. If you do tend to dry clean your suiting garments, we recommend to have the full suit dry cleaned together, in order to preserve the color match of both pieces, in case over time one piece begins to fade slightly (in which case your suiting pieces would no longer match.)


Yes! We currently offer two fabrics for our blouses: Silk Charmeuse and Silk Crepe de Chine.

Silk charmeuse is a fabric that is constructed in a satin weave, in order to give it shine. It is opaque and has a luxurious feel. Our silk charmeuse has gone through a finishing process called washing, before it is cut and sewn into our blouses. The washing helps to slightly reduce the shine and provides more body and softness to the fabric.

Dry clean is recommended for best results. Please ask your dry cleaner to use extra care with these delicate garments.


For blazers we recommend a hanger that is made for jackets, which will helps to hold the shape of the neck and shoulders. However, depending on the frame of your figure, choose the right size hanger for you. A hanger that is significantly too large for your blazer could potentially misshape the shoulders and add bumps to the jacket biceps.

For pants, we prefer to use a skirt hanger with clips to hang the pants from the waistband. This will help avoid any creasing at the knee. We also recommend hanging the pants sideways, with the pant front at one clip, and the pant back attached at the other clip, thereby conserving the vertical pant crease.

For blouses, we always recommend a thin velvet hanger, especially the type without a bar across the bottom, which is smaller. As with the jackets, be sure that your hanger is not too large for the shoulders of your blouse, and therefore will not cause the silk to form an odd shape at the top of the sleeve.

Eco-Conscious Awareness

At Midnight Oil we strive to provide high quality, functional and beautiful clothing to help improve the lives of all involved: the customers, the company and our partners, too. We greatly value our clients and all the talented artisans and vendors who contribute to crafting our products, not to mention our precious Mother Earth, which we never take for granted. We will do our best along this journey at Midnight Oil, to manufacture with integrity.


Please visit our Returns page here


For further questions, please send us an email at Support@MidnightOil.shop!