Founder Story

Rachel Lefort, Founder of Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil is a culmination of more than 20 years in the fashion industry, from design, to personal styling, and back to design.

While working as a Personal Stylist, Rachel was on a mission to guide her clients in building their wardrobes with the right pieces, carefully curated and with the styling know-how to get out the door quickly and with confidence, no matter the occasion. However, Rachel’s search for high quality professional basics for women was often a challenge. There were lots of requests for neutral-colored blazers and bottoms, but not many resources to fulfill the demand.  So, Rachel decided to go back to her roots-- fashion design—and create a collection to meet the needs of her clients.

With experience working in custom menswear, Rachel saw how valuable the made to order business model could be.  If men could order high quality wool trousers made to just the right length, why couldn’t women? Furthermore, if men could select their choice of fun blazer buttons, colorful linings, threads and more, why couldn’t the ladies?  

Rachel recognizes the hard-working women who do it all—climbing in their careers while being a present mom, daughter, friend and spouse, and wanting to feel stylish and confident, too, especially with ease.  Rachel named her brand Midnight Oil in honor of these women who are working overtime, because Rachel’s goal is to provide an extraordinary resource for creating quiet confidence with ease, from the boardroom to the dining room.

Rachel takes pride in working with talented European & American artisans to create small collections of quality womenswear, especially which offer a better fit, a fun shopping experience and a more sustainable practice.  With a great respect for the Earth, animals and people, Rachel believes in a commitment to responsible production and consumption, and to always manufacture with integrity.

Rachel often remarks what a dream come true and an honor it is to create a brand of beautiful clothing for busy, brilliant women.

Rachel Lefort, Founder of Midnight Oil