Midnight Oil and National Women's Small Business Month Are A Perfect Fit

Midnight Oil and National Women's Small Business Month Are A Perfect Fit

Happy October! 

Since this month is National Women's Small Business Month, we thought we'd share the meaning behind our brand name.  One question that comes up time and again when we have a meeting or are introduced to a potential new client is... 

"What is the meaning of the name Midnight Oil?"

As you probably know, the phrase “burning the midnight oil” generally refers to someone staying up very late to work. Our founder, Rachel Lefort, wants to recognize women who are working hard and help them by removing the added stress of what to wear. Rachel understands that these women, who are likely juggling many personal and professional responsibilities, can greatly benefit from having stylish, well-fitting wardrobe staples in their closet, ready to go, especially when important meetings and events arise. 

As a personal wardrobe stylist, Rachel gained inspiration from her clients—many of whom are powerful business leaders in their chosen fields. Styling these impressive women repeatedly revealed the same truth: getting dressed often adds additional stress to their busy lives. So, in creating this brand, one of the Rachel's goals includes removing this unwanted stress and taking one thing off of women's plates so they don't have to stay up late figuring out to what to wear, but rather they can move through the world with ease and confidence—regardless of whether they are just starting in the workforce or enjoying an established career. 

Our coordinated pieces make putting together outfits more effortlessly and are also designed to complement what women already have in their closet. Pair our styles with jeans, joggers, and sneakers—as Rachel demonstrates in these photos—and women’s favorite wardrobe staples are instantly transformed. Women can shop for Midnight Oil clothing with one of our stylists, who take the guesswork out of choosing the best fit, as well as guide women to add personalization details that allow them to shine wherever the day takes them. We are excited to give our newsletter subscribers a sneak peek at some of the new colors that will be on offer very soon (how gorgeous is that cognac-colored suit)!

With style and lots of gratitude, 
Midnight Oil