Midnight Oil | Luxurious Minimalism

Midnight Oil | Luxurious Minimalism

The Midnight Oil™️ brand has its own take on minimalism. We focus on creating a wardrobe of essential basics, such as pants, blouses, and blazers, made of high-quality fabrics in solid neutrals.

However, we amp up those basics with elevated design details, including angled seams and contrast buttonholes, which add an element of sartorial luxury.

Hence, our tagline: Simplify your wardrobe. Amplify your style.

What does this mean? Read on and learn some helpful style tips from our founder, too.

Rachel on set, ensuring everything is just right for Midnight Oil product shots!

When working as a Personal Stylist, our founder—Rachel Lefort—would teach her clients to simplify their wardrobe by narrowing their color palette, which is a helpful way to streamline the process of styling outfits and make shopping easier.

Rachel would then advise her clients to dress in monochromatic outfits, or at most, just 2 neutral colors at a time. For example, an all- blue outfit looks sophisticated and polished, yet it is easy to style.

The best rule of thumb with monochromatic dressing is to combine matte and shiny and vary the textures. For dressing in just 2 colors, the combination of black and white always wins and is a great example of two neutrals together—simple yet timelessly stylish!

With style and lots of gratitude, 
Midnight Oil